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SPOTLIGHT ON Daniel Hostettler, President and Group Managing Director at OHM Collection, Relais & Châteaux

By - | August 28, 2017

By Sharon Hirschowitz Daniel Hostettler talks about Relais & Château’s dedication to both their guests and the environment when exploring culinary trends, or, as he prefers, culinary convictions. As President and Managing Director of Ocean House since the development of the resort in 2009, he has played a pivotal role in the exceptional and sincere…

SPOTLIGHT ON: Tom Marchant, Owner, and Co-Founder of The Black Tomato Group

By - | August 20, 2017

By: Sharon Hirschowitz Tom prefers to do things differently, and The Black Tomato Group is an extension of his philosophy, creating bespoke travel experiences that start with the dream and discover the destination on the way. Here he talks about truly connecting, engaging and creating experiences that are transformative, and tells us about some favorite…

A Muse of Luxury Hospitality, Signature – “Wow” Stories

By - | July 8, 2017

Creating signature guest experience moments requires a certain ingenuity, and in the current competitive market, hoteliers are called upon to choreograph their resources and services in a way that personalizes novelty, engages their guests, and establishes a deep connection to their brand. This is done through Extraordinary Personally Scripted Hospitality Stories. Narratives are powerful in…

Going Beyond Expectations

By - | June 21, 2017

By Christian Scholtka There are two reasons for working in hospitality: host and guest. My primary principle has been to engage in love, kindness and compassion that will trigger endless guest satisfaction and have a very positive effect on EBIT. 1. Guest-Focused Hosts My hosts receive my primary care. I work and communicate with them…

Partnership with the International Luxury Hotel Association Expands PR Newswire’s Reach into the Hospitality Industry

By lhassociation | June 20, 2017

International Luxury Hotel Association, the hospitality industry’s biggest online influencer and PR Newswire, the industry’s largest content distribution network, have announced a partnership to distribute content across each other’s respective networks.

Free Trial on Software

By lhassociation | June 8, 2017

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CHIU offering free trial for 30 days

By lhassociation | June 8, 2017

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By lhassociation | June 8, 2017

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SPOTLIGHT ON Paul Ruffino, Co-Founder, COO, Hospitality Management Services

By - | June 4, 2017

By Sharon Hirschowitz A high-profile figure in the hospitality and entertainment fields, the ILHA were thrilled to have Paul host their recent European Luxury Hospitality Summit in Croatia. He is known for helping the Resort at Pelican Hill successfully market the highest daily rate by any resort property worldwide. He has been honored by the…

SPOTLIGHT ON Roger Allen, Group CEO – Resources for Leisure Assets

By - | June 4, 2017

Roger and his team pioneered the concept of wellbeing hospitality, working with hotel owners and investors across four continents to better understand this mega-trend influencing the hotel industry. He talks about how wellbeing touchpoints need to be integrated throughout the hotel experience and how owners and investors need to determine the right balance of real…

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