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Luxury Hotel Checkmate

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

What strategies is your hotel utilizing, to avoid being placed in brand relevance checkmate by the competition? The luxury hotel segment is becoming a very crowded and competitive place to do business in the 21st century. The battle for gaining customer relevance, preference and loyalty will not solely be won by the hotel’s luxury offerings,…

Does Your Brand Include Optimism?

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

I will never forget the day I walked into my office, and saw a letter sitting on my desk.  I picked up the letter and quickly realized it was from a customer – a guest.  At the time, I had just started working as a consultant in a luxury hotel, completing a project to decrease…

Design the Ideal Hotel Loyalty Program

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

Hotel reward schemes are beginning to take their place next to Airmiles as the most sought after reward points by consumers, with everyone from major chains to credit card companies pairing up to offer these rewards to their loyal customers. However different types of guests will be looking for different things from a hotel rewards…

Tip-related claims will continue to be served up as the lawsuit du jour against the hospitality industry in 2015

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

The hospitality industry is particularly fertile ground for a wide variety of wage and hour issues, which continue to plague management through steadily increasing federal and state department of labor investigations and enforcement actions and the seemingly endless onslaught of private wage and hour lawsuits filed by an overzealous plaintiffs’ bar. Tip credit claims are…

2015 Luxury Hotel Trend Snapshot

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

  Guest Experience still no.1 Travelers are expecting more each year and look for the “WOW” factor when doing their research. Technology is key in delivering, suggesting and anticipating these experiences, but so is personal interaction with highly trained staff who know how to exceed expectations, but also when to step back and respect the…

SPOTLIGHT ON Gonzalo Maggi Bescos, General Manager, W Hotel Hoboken, New Jersey

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

GONZALO BESCOS believes that technology plays an invaluable role in guest experience at every touch point of the journey, and tells us about W’s new key less check in system and how their guests are using Instagram to share stories and connect. His team are in the business of creating memorable moments for their guests, handpicked…

SPOTLIGHT ON Edouard Grosmangin, General Manager, Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Seychelles

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

EDOUARD GROSMANGIN is the General Manager of Six Senses’ first hotel in the Seychelles, the Six Senses Zil Pasyon, expected to open in 2015 on the private island of Félicité. Designed to blend effortlessly into its environment, with a backdrop of dramatic granite boulders and a tranquil shoreline, the resort will offer guests a personal sanctuary…

SPOTLIGHT ON Christophe Schnyder, General Manager, Sofitel The Palm Dubai

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

CHRISTOPHE SCHNYDER hails from a hotelier family in Lausanne, Switzerland, and his career in the luxury hotel industry has taken him across multiple continents, from the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom to various five-star properties in the Middle East. Sofitel The Palm has received multiple awards, and is a leader in the Sustainable…

SPOTLIGHT ON Robert Petrovic, General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

ROBERT PETROVIC General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton Berlin, knows how important it is to create unforgettable experiences that translate into everlasting memories. Activities at this ultra luxury hotel are crafted to delight all the senses and his team are encouraged to explore their creativity and think outside the box. Robert tells us about their recently launched…

SPOTLIGHT ON Laurence Dubey, General Manager, Viceroy Miami

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

LAURENCE DUBEY is the General Manager of the Viceroy Miami, a destination in itself, located in Miami’s trending urban financial district, Brickell.  The hotel is a gorgeous ensemble of innovation, superb design, global cuisine and the perfect amount of decadence. Laurence shares a little of her journey, her views on how luxury has evolved and…

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