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By Luxury Hoteliers | January 14, 2015

Picture the scene: a middle-aged Woman named Carlie is traveling for work, something she does at least once a quarter for her job in sales. Carlie usually arrives in town a day ahead of her big meeting in order to prepare. This time, she got a great deal on her trip and opted to have…

Speciality Tea is Now the Fastest Growing Sector of the Tea Market*

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 14, 2015

Tea presents a huge opportunity for luxury hotels to deliver memorable guest experience while driving profits. Don’t let your hotel miss out. Tea is a drink with a deep and rich history that has inspired rituals and ceremonies all over the world. Since the boom of mass commercial air travel began in the 1950s the…

7 Revenue Trends Influencing the Luxury Hotel Industry in 2015

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 14, 2015

Every time I read a visionary article to start a new year, the number 10 is always a popular choice.  You’ve seen the headlines: “Here are the Top 10 reasons why…” “Here are the 10 most important…” Let me challenge you. Next time you’re in the mood to do a little research, take a moment…

10 Common Mistakes Hoteliers Make when they Approach an Organic Breakfast

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 14, 2015

Are you managing a hotel and want to have a Successful Organic Breakfast? Ask yourself these 7 questions! Do you find that your simple and little “organic corner” doesn’t work for your guests? Are your guests valuing the efforts you put into your breakfast? And do you communicate the value of your breakfast to them?…

A Flawless Performance

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 14, 2015

This Festive Season, I was fortunate enough to attend a wonderful Festive Concert by the great Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja, an evening which can only be described as a flawless performance, not only from the performers’ point of view, but for the total experience.  The entire evening flowed seamlessly starting with the parking arrangements on…

INTERVIEW Harlan Goldstein Hong Kong Celebrity Chef

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 14, 2015

HARLAN GOLDSTEIN earned his first Michelin stars in Hong Kong with his restaurants GOLD, and STRIP HOUSE, and has earned “celebrity chef” status with his fearless personality and philanthropic heart. He has survived controversy, soured partnership deals and financial setbacks, yet continues to draw the hip and elite to his flagship restaurant GOLD by Harlan…

4 Reasons Why Centralized Online Marketing by Hotel Companies is a Bad Idea!

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 14, 2015

There are endless titles for jobs that have been created in the last decade to form a role that signifies the ever growing business levels and importance of online representation. These job titles are now stabilizing themselves, but clearly the roles are not. The positive development is that the role has become more senior over…

Is It Time to Make a Renewable Energy Based New Year’s Resolution?

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 14, 2015

Incorporating clean energy into your hotel or resort’s business plan is oftentimes like exercising an eating right; there are things that you know you should probably do, but somehow don’t ever seem to get around to doing.  Be it the ball room needing new carpet or Pizza Hut having stuffed crust pizzas on sale, something…

Innovation or Incrementalism? Are you changing fast enough?

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 14, 2015

Much has been written about innovation. In the age of technology one might think it is easy to innovate. By definition, innovation is the “act of doing something or launching new methods, processes or devices.”  There is an art and science to making big changes in an organization driving innovation. On the flip side you…

Ask the Concierge how Guest Experience has Evolved

By Luxury Hoteliers | January 13, 2015

The ILHA asked Luxury Hotel Concierges around the world how Guest Experience has evolved the last few years. Recent trends, like technology, customized experiences, and traveling like a local, have impacted how guests interact with Concierges, as well as their expectations. Here is what they they said: “One of the most apparent examples of the…

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