The Hospitality Sector Turns its Focus to Sustainability

By: Amy Sedeño   The hospitality industry is embracing eco-friendly practices and the importance of sustainability as a key component to a successful branding strategy. From internationally-known brands like Hyatt, Virgin, and Marriott International to independent boutique properties, these hotels are taking an active role in shaping industry standards for sustainable travel. But how does…

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A new Breed of Sustainable Luxury Pop-Up Hotels

The end of 2017 concluded a year focused on international sustainable tourism. An initiative supported by the United Nations General Assembly, aimed at creating interest amongst travelers and the industry to highlight travel options that preserve local environment, economy and culture as well as improving the well-being of local people. So how will this theme…

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Is It Time to Make a Renewable Energy Based New Year’s Resolution?

Incorporating clean energy into your hotel or resort’s business plan is oftentimes like exercising an eating right; there are things that you know you should probably do, but somehow don’t ever seem to get around to doing.  Be it the ball room needing new carpet or Pizza Hut having stuffed crust pizzas on sale, something…

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Innovation or Incrementalism? Are you changing fast enough?

Much has been written about innovation. In the age of technology one might think it is easy to innovate. By definition, innovation is the “act of doing something or launching new methods, processes or devices.”  There is an art and science to making big changes in an organization driving innovation. On the flip side you…

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