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Brand Stampede runs with performance-based e-marketing for luxury hotels

Brand Stampede

Email marketing is an often-overlooked tool in the difficult battle to win travelers away from OTAs. It’s not that hoteliers aren’t fully aware of the potential of email marketing. It’s that they lack the time, expertise, and resources to implement the kinds of strategic campaigns that produce results. Florida-based Brand Stampede Inc. is a digital…

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Conquering the Loyalty Divide: Insights from a global research study on loyalty.

Hoteliers invest significant effort, not to mention time and money, offering loyalty programs to engage customers, recognize and reward them for their loyalty and to win repeat business. But are they really working? Are millennials as loyal as Baby Boomers and GenXr’s? Are we entering an era of experience-based loyalty programs? What is the future…

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Exceeding Expectation while Improving Profit from Group Business

By: Ram Mohan Group business is unique in terms of having two sets of customers to satisfy, the meeting planner and the guest attending the meeting. In this article, we take a look at some ways hotels can improve profitability while exceeding expectations of both the customers. Please the Planner Following are some areas where…

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Hotel Group Business: Are You Drowning in RFPs?

According to the 2014 PricewaterhouseCoopers’ study “The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy,” meetings annually account for the direct spending of $280 billion, including $39 billion on accommodations, $30 billion on food and beverage and $10 billion on venue rental.  When compared to five years ago, hotels have seen a 300% increase in…

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How Luxury Hoteliers Can Seize Profitable Opportunities with InBound Medical Tourism

By Dr. Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS One of the hottest, most profitable world-wide trends that we have seen in the past few years is the explosion in medical tourism. According to the 2016 Global Tourism Industry Report, over 50 countries identify themselves as being destinations for medical tourism, and classify Thailand, Singapore, India and Malaysia as the world’s top medical tourism destinations. What is inbound medical tourism you may ask? It is informally defined…

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Advertising your brand to maximize your reach

By Jay Greenlees Barter Advertising Solutions Announces $10 Million Dollar Occupancy Stimulus Plan for the Luxury Hotel Industry designed to help luxury hotel and resort companies substantially expand their advertising and increase their occupancy rate with guaranteed room night sales at their full retail rates. The hotel industry remains a cyclical business and ever changing…

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6 Considerations of Luxury Hospitality Marketing in 2016

By Michael Strong As 2016 marketing strategies are finalized, it’s important to reflect on emerging trends. Instead of allocating the budget strictly to tried-and-true methodologies, consider these six trends for your strategy. Connectivity is King Millennials are driven not by brand loyalty but by novelty. They seek connectivity and innovation. By embracing the Internet of…

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