Our Tap4Wine Program solves many issues Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants encounter serving wine-by-the-glass. The money we saved from using the 100% recyclable PolyKeg® instead of using 26 glass bottles, labels, corks and cardboard packaging was re-invested in providing high quality wines. For more information: www.Tap4Wine.com

Our premium wines in the PolyKeg® have 2 year shelf life untapped and 6 months once tapped. All are Certified EEU Organic and Certified Internationally Vegan.


  • Italian - Chardonnay, Frizzante/Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and a Cabernet-blend
  • Spanish - Tempranillo Rosé, Tempranillo, and our Signature Sangria at 12.8% ABV. It stands up to ice and blending into fancy cocktails.

VS Importing engages award wining Oenologists to ensure that all our wines always are consistently of the highest quality and have great drinkability.


There is never a Keg Deposit and you don’t even have to add to or change your current alcohol beverage vendors. In the US we distribute exclusively through Beer Distributors. In the rest of the world we can use your favorite vendor.


Please take a moment to view this short video about how we were already on the right track…before the pandemic.


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Aneta Zakiewicz
Director - Marketing
VS Importing