The coronvirus pandemic is forcing hotels and restaurants to find new ways to cut costs as companies plan their hiring strategy to slowly open back up.  While first priority is to bring back previous employees, many employers are finding gaps as some team members have left the industry or do not wish to return. Faced with smaller budgets, now might be a good time to consider flat fee recruitment.


HOSPITALIO Recruitment introduced flat fee recruitment to the hospitality industry a few years ago to help hotels and restaurants with limited budgets.

“We had a few clients that were wasting a lot of money on job boards.  Jobs boards require the client to risk spending money upfront and getting nothing.  The only other option was contingency recruitment where the agency takes all the risk and the client only pays if someone is hired.  Flat fee recruitment is a hybrid.  Unlike a job board which takes their money and cannot guarantee candidates, our flat fee recruitment offers the benefit of a professional recruiter sourcing, screening and briefing.  Plus they are guaranteed suitable or interested candidates or they are refunded.” said Kyle Ovens, a partner at Hospitalio Recruitment

HOSPITLALIO charges $2500 per flat fee search regardless of the salary and another benefit is clients can hire more than one person from the search without being charged extra.

The fee is lower because both parties agree to share the risk.  If the agency completes its side of the job by providing suitable, screened and interested candidates, they keep the fee, even if  the position is put on hold or cancelled.  And if they don’t, the client gets the full fee back.  It's a win-win.

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