By Sharon Hirschowitz


Tricia started at The Breakers in 1996 as Assistant Executive Housekeeper and is now responsible for the property’s four operating divisions, Rooms, Food & Beverage, Event Services and Recreation, as well as Marketing, Revenue Management and Security. She is dedicated to uplifting her staff, believing that a strong team are the backbone of a business and ultimately, happy guests.


How do you think an inspired workforce influences the guest experience?

The Breakers hires for talent and values, and trains for skill. Beginning with onboarding and throughout their tenure, we reinforce to our team that they are The Breakers’ greatest asset, the heart of soul of our organization. With a natural desire to be of service, combined with an inspired workplace focused on fulfillment and well-being, our associates are intrinsically proud and motivated to give their best. With the support and encouragement of colleagues, our team members create exceptional experiences unique to The Breakers, which drive guest loyalty.


Can you tell us about some of your Enrichment Programs designed to support your employee's overall health and wellness?

Our business model begins with employee satisfaction and well-being. Our commitment to their health and happiness is evident throughout our company culture. We have a saying that working at The Breakers is about much more than making a living, it is about making a life. As part of an ever-evolving lifestyle approach, we have numerous programs to support our 2,200 team members, professionally and personally. The array of initiatives emphasizes the importance of energy management and the connection between mind, body and spirit.


A sampling of educational resources, incentive programs and recognition include:

  • An on-site health & wellness advisor
  • Annual health screenings for all associates
  • Corporate Athlete - a comprehensive, 2-day course designed to empower employees to increase their physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • Cardio clubs
  • Team member fitness studio and classes
  • Tower Trek - promotes cardiovascular exercise throughout the workday, where participants climb stairs from the bottom floor to the top of the resort
  • TASTE (Take A Snack To Energize) is a company-wide, daily snack program that provides complimentary fresh fruits and nuts to staff
  • Create My Plate - an interactive nutrition class that teaches colleagues how to build a well-balanced meal
  • Rally Health - an incentive-based mobile portal that allows team members to track progress, complete their health assessment, participate in challenges, connect with friends, and engage in company-wide wellness programs anytime, anywhere.


Please share the story behind your career in hospitality. Was it a conscious choice?

I inherited my passion for hospitality from my grandparents. They built, owned and operated two motels in Seattle. Like many hoteliers, I grew up in the business doing all that was necessary, from cleaning rooms to stocking vending machines. I believe our industry instills an incredible work ethic. Among the professionals I admire most, are those who started in line-level jobs entailing long hours, earning a sense of accomplishment and pride in a job well done, and then progressed.


How has The Breakers incorporated new trends and technology while maintaining its iconic reputation?

As part of the powerful balance between preservation and modernization, we are mindful of how we incorporate new trends and technology into our guest experience. While I believe that technology is important, the human element of personalized service is priority … guests recall how they felt about their time at the resort and their lasting impressions. We regard technology as a vital tool to enhance the overall guest experience, but there is no substitute for great people.


Do you have any new exciting F&B programs?

Dining at The Breakers is constantly evolving. We have nine distinct restaurants, each with their own identity, cuisine and style and we will be introducing a tenth early next year. This will be our second off-site restaurant and it will be located on Royal Poinciana Way in the heart of Palm Beach.