Empowering Girls and Women in Tanzania


Singita and the Grumeti Fund will be hosting their all-women run 25-30 October 2019 as part of Singita’s signature collection of conservation safaris called “Safaris With A Purpose.” It is held in partnership with the Grumeti Fund to support the empowerment of girls and women in rural Tanzania and is comprised of five all-inclusive days at Singita Sabora Tented Camp.


Participants will run 13 miles daily over 3 days across some of the most iconic wilderness areas in Africa in the western corridor of the Serengti, where they will encounter an abundance of wildlife and breathtaking scenery at every turn. Runners of all experience levels are welcome and participants will be accompanied by expertly trained, experienced anti-poaching scouts from the Grumeti Fund, who will be on the look-out for any curious animals, as well as a support team in a shadow vehicle for their safety and comfort.


The event’s home base, Singita Sabora Tented Camp, is a 1920s-inspired explorers camp that embodies the magic of a bygone era. Featuring opulent chandeliers, Persian rugs and bowls filled with fresh roses, it provides a space for the runners to rest and recuperate at the end of every day.


The exclusive, purpose-driven experience is aimed at raising funds for empowerment programs for girls and women, which are focused on providing opportunities for women to become leaders in conservation. Each donation assists in funding numerous non-profit initiatives, including scholarships for local girls in secondary school, vocational studies and university; training girl mentors and providing life skills and internships; as well as enterprise development training for women and environmental education for girls from local secondary schools.


Serengeti Girls Run offers participants various opportunities to engage with the women who benefit from these programs. The day after their arrival, guests can join girls from the local community on a short 2-mile fun run, followed by a career fair, where they can share their own inspiring stories with hundreds of girls from neighboring villages.

During the five-night itinerary, the participants will also visit the Grumeti Fund’s Environmental Education Center, which hosts week-long courses for local students on conservation and minimizing our impact on the Earth, as well as an opportunity to meet the Fund’s anti-poaching team to find out how they preserve and protect the region’s critical ecosystem.