Make your food joint a “Clear Water” enabled hotel… for ILHA members we offer special discount

“Clear Water” is based on a social cause called “Save Water”.

Drinking water is provided in every hotel & food joints, it’s been observed that when you engage a table, before placing food order a waiter put glass full of water on your table for each member of your group. People drink a little water from that glass & rest of the water remains in the glass (say 250 ml water is still there in the glasses). The boy/waiter again tops it up. During your meal you drink water as per your requirements, whenever your glass gets empty the boy again pours water in it. Every day approx 50 customers are visiting the hotel, if we consider 50 ml water per customer is wasted then in a day 2.5 liters of water is being wasted per hotel, in a city where there are minimum 500 hotels total 330.21 gallons water is just wasted. This water is drinkable water, properly processed & made it worth drinking. Such drinkable water is being wasted in a big volume every day.

In every hotel the water is used for multiple tasks & hence approximately equal amount of water (about 330.21 gallons) is used & wasted every day. In this case if the drinkable water which is being thrown off is re-used then we can save 330.21 gallons of water every day.

By installing a simple filtration system in every hotel only to filter the leftover water & re-use it for washing & cleaning purpose, we can save major part of water which was going to be wasted. To reward them we will allot certificate to hotels who will install such filtration system & re-use the water in their hotels & food joints. We will label them with “Clear Water”. We promote this concept of “Clear Water” enabled hotel to masses, so that awareness towards such hotels is created. Thru our mobile application customers can search for such “Clear Water” sticker holding hotels in vicinity.

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