Email marketing is an often-overlooked tool in the difficult battle to win travelers away from OTAs. It's not that hoteliers aren't fully aware of the potential of email marketing. It's that they lack the time, expertise, and resources to implement the kinds of strategic campaigns that produce results.

Florida-based Brand Stampede Inc. is a digital marketing agency that focuses entirely on the complex niche of email marketing. Whereas most agencies work on retainer, Brand Stampede's compensation is based entirely on the revenue they create. Generally, their commission is less than half that of OTAs. Unlike OTAs, which simply provide a booking platform, Brand Stampede's services have added value. Clients gain a library of tested email campaigns that can be used for months or even years with minor updates.

The firms co-founders, Christine Davila and Julie Ross Myers, are long-time veterans of the hotel industry. Ms. Davila's background includes senior positions in digital marketing at several highly respected luxury hotels. Ms. Myers has worked on the agency and client sides in senior creative roles and as an independent brand strategist.

Brand Stampede Inc. can be reached at or +1.305.209.1577.