Conquering the Loyalty Divide: Insights from a global research study on loyalty.

Hoteliers invest significant effort, not to mention time and money, offering loyalty programs to engage customers, recognize and reward them for their loyalty and to win repeat business.

But are they really working? Are millennials as loyal as Baby Boomers and GenXr’s? Are we entering an era of experience-based loyalty programs? What is the future of loyalty? Do you understand your consumer personas? Odds are, your loyalty initiatives are missing the mark and, quite possibly, by a wide margin.

When it comes to fostering loyalty, there is a divide between the perceptions of hoteliers and their guests. Here are just two of the many interesting disconnects between hoteliers and consumers that the study uncovered:

• 61% of hoteliers believe guests would enroll in every loyalty program offered them, but only 24% of guests actually do. Furthermore, nearly one-third of consumers (30%) say they rarely join loyalty programs.

• Hoteliers do not currently engage “influencers” (62%) or brand ambassadors (71%) – despite consumers clearly indicating that they are more likely to trust recommendations from such individuals.

The webcast will provide insights on the current state of loyalty programs, the future of loyalty programs, the rise of social advocacy, and the role of technology in enabling loyalty. Join the webcast to get the actionable insights you need to transform your loyalty initiatives.

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