The evolution of the morning meal

Once a domain of tradition, breakfast has undergone and transformation with a few pioneers taking the morning meal to the next level. Leading the charge is Arnaud Donckele (France’s youngest three Michelin-starred Chef) at La Vague d’Or at Résidence de la Pinede Hotel) who has created a perfectly balanced menu in partnership with dietitian Virginie Rodriguez. Other names investing in the concept include Signature Morning’s at ITC Hotels & Resorts and Theo Randall at the InterContinental who blend creativity and health for an inspiring start to the day.

La Vague d’Or – Résidence de la Pinede Hotel


In St Tropez, Arnaud Donckele (France’s youngest three Michelin-starred Chef) and Executive Chef at La Vague D’or, the gastronomic restaurant at the LVMH-owned Résidence de la Pinede hotel, and the only three-Michelin starred restaurant in Saint Tropez, has collaborated with dietitian Virginie Rodriguez to launch a new gastronomic breakfast menu. Giving guests both a healthy and creative start to their day, Executive Chef at La Vague D’or, Arnaud Donckele has joined forces with Rodriguez, an expert in therapeutic education and nutritional coaching, to ensure each guest’s nutritional needs are met and their food intolerances are catered for, without compromising on taste.

All ingredients have been chosen with care and are free from refined sugars, trans-fatty acids, and processed foods, with a low glycaemic index. The menu is suitable for guests who are vegetarian, vegan or intolerant to lactose, gluten and cow’s milk proteins, as well as all gourmets who care about their wellbeing.  All dishes are made on request by Arnaud Donckele and his team and the seasonal fruit and vegetables are sourced from a local producer. This breakfast is suitable for guests who are vegetarian, vegan or intolerant to lactose, gluten and cow’s milk proteins, as well as all gourmets who care about their wellbeing. The breakfast includes:

  • Sweet and Savoury Pancakes:

Sweet Tooth Version: (Lactose free, suitable for vegetarians).

Pancake variation made from amaranth and coconut flour served with 3 sauces: Organic Peanut Purée, red berry and mint purée, raw Agave Nectar, fresh seasonal Fruit and Chia seeds.

Savoury Version: Pancake-style White Omelette made of 3 Egg whites and crunchy vegetables (Green vegetables, carrots, Goat’s milk daily cheese) served with lime slices and spinach shoots.

  • Pinède Birchers:
  • Muesli with Raw Beetroot, Coconut and Ginger
  • Muesli with Raw Carrot, Apple and Cinnamon
  • Granola with Raw Courgette, Cocoa and Sprouted Buckwheat
  • Lemon Granola, Goji Berries and black pepper


Served with Coconut Milk or sheep’s milk cottage cheese and Dried lightly sweetened cranberries with no added oil, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, White mulberries, Golden Linseed and Chia seeds.

  • Detox Smoothies in 2 textures:

Drink through a straw…

  • The Clean GreenSpinach shoots, Mango, Banana, Lime

Eat with a spoon…

  • The PassionneBanana, Strawberries, Orange, Passion Fruit, Ginger.




Signature Morning – ITC Hotels & Resorts

ITC Hotels has introduced Signature Mornings, which aims to bring breakfast back to its pride-of-place in a person’s day. By presenting superfoods in a contemporary way, emphasis is put on responsible sourcing and bringing back lost grains, each signature dish has been created bearing in mind a ‘caringly sourced’ and ‘mindfully prepared’ approach, showcasing locally sourced, free range, Indian superfoods, forgotten ancient grains, ‘good for you’ breads with increased focus on gluten free and lactose free breakfast options.

One of the most popular choices is a new take on is Eggs Benedict, prepared with free-range eggs and extra virgin olive oil hollandaise, served with locally-sourced Birchwood Smoked Chicken Rashers, instead of bacon. The menu changes regularly, so that an assortment of ‘breakfasts of the world’ can be showcased, and the ‘indigenous signatures’ are constantly refined. Other Signature Morning dishes include:


  • Assorted Platter with a Wheatgrass and Mint Shot
  • Sugar-free Muffins
  • Multigrain Dosa made with Flaxseed, Sunflower seed, cracked soya, whole wheat broken and oats
  • Multigrain croissants
  • Muesli and Berry Brulée, with Amaranth (an Indian grain also referred to as Rajdana, gluten free and high in protein and iron)
  • Jaggery Brittle Finger Millet (Ragi)
  • Almond-meal pancakes with Aloe Vera and Black Currant Chutney
  • Seven Grain Porridge
  • Flax seed yoghurt muesli

The ‘responsible luxury’ mantra is carried through to the breakfast drinks. ŚūnyAqua’ (pronounced Shunya (Zero) Aqua), a path-breaking drinking water initiative.

Water is infused with beneficial essential oils extracted from indigenous herbs. Not only does this enhance the wellness quotient of drinking water, but the purification, PH correction and bottling all takes place within the hotel premises, guaranteeing a planet positive experience. SunyAqua is served in two variants – Tulsi (holy basil) and a Fennel & Cinnamon blend. Tulsi, known as the ‘elixir of life’, is highly revered for its divine benefits to enhance memory, purify blood, control sugar level in the body and to help relieve stress. Fennel & Cinnamon, on the other hand, together exhibit antioxidant properties, that help deliver warm energy to the body, aiding in vascular health and brain function.

Pavilion Pure presents unusual juice blends from in-season local ingredients in healthful combinations, including home grown wheat grass, sprouts of horsegram (a lesser known Indian bean), fenugreek, pumpkin seed, flax seed and mustard seed. Many of these ingredients are grown by ITC’s chefs in their own kitchen gardens with great pride. Rich in anti-oxidants and brimming with vitamins, these blends are crafted to improve blood circulation by boosting immunity and eliminating toxin build up to improve metabolic activity. Signature Highlights of Pavilion Pure include combinations of Celery. Spinach, Cucumber, Neem, Indian Gooseberry, Aloe Vera, Tomato, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Home Grown Cress, Ginger, Carrot, Ginger, Apple, Beet, Basil, Apple, Celery, Grapefruit and Spinach.

Theo Randall at the InterContinental

Theo Randall at the InterContinental, uses the best seasonal ingredients available from the market every day and this year he brought his rustic Italian seasonal cooking to the morning meal. The à la carte breakfast menus feature a selection of classic dishes with an authentic Italian twist:

  • ‘St. Ewe Cornish’ free range eggs with zucchini, caprino fresco and marjoram.
  • Steel cut oatmeal with brûléed banana
  • Smashed avocado on sourdough toast with Ryfield goat’s curd, poached eggs and coriander
  • Smoked salmon with toasted sourdough and scrambled eggs
  • French toast with fresh raspberries or blackberry coulis
  • Homemade bircher muesli with berries and apple
  • Slow cooked Sicilian red peppers with onion, tomato, eggs and basil.
  • Kedgeree smoked haddock with rice, peas, spring onion, coriander and poached eggs.
  • “Eat Yourself Young” Elizabeth Peyton-Jones juices including:
    – Green Power – Kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, watercress and apple
    – Stamina Boost – Beetroot, apple, ginger
    – Vitamin Shot – carrot, apple, ginger
    – Energy Jolt – Pineapple, Korean ginseng, apple, lime