By Sharon Hirschowitz

Daniel Hostettler talks about Relais & Château’s dedication to both their guests and the environment when exploring culinary trends, or, as he prefers, culinary convictions. As President and Managing Director of Ocean House since the development of the resort in 2009, he has played a pivotal role in the exceptional and sincere performance of Ocean House and its two sister properties, the Weekapaug Inn and Watch Hill Inn.

How are F&B and culinary experiences defining luxury hotel brands?

Unparalleled culinary experiences have always been at the core of Relais & Châteaux properties around the world. We define our cuisine with four words which express our vision of luxury:

That is why skilled craftspeople, cooks and sommeliers part of our Association practice their art with the utmost respect for the environment. This excellence is our definition of a truly luxurious culinary experience.
Are guests playing a role in the process? Is this something they think about when they make a travel decision?

Our guests, when traveling, often want to feel immersed in the culture of the country and region they are discovering, and this is what we offer with our gastronomy. This cuisine expresses not only the history and culinary traditions of the surrounding destination but also highlights local produce. The guests are invited to use all of their senses on this tasteful journey.


How does your culinary team push the boundaries and deliver an out-of-this-world experience

Relais & Chateaux represents the most extensive network of talented and starred chefs in the world. We are all committed to defending biodiversity of land and marine resources, bee protection, and offer food that reflects local arts of living.


What are the key F&B and culinary trends you are focusing on right now?

Our cuisine is inspired by convictions rather than trends. It takes into account local and human considerations. Relais & Chateaux aims to protect local arts of living and natural resources, which can be tasted throughout our cuisine.


Where do you think conscious cuisine going? Are local-inspired, seasonal flavors here to stay, for a while at least?

I think that we all tend to be increasingly environmentally conscious, and eating local seasonal produce is now more than a trend, it is a firmly grounded tendency.

At Relais & Châteaux, we are committed to preserving local culture, and defending agricultural and marine resources. We endorsed this ambition, in keeping with the preservation of the environment, through the Relais & Châteaux Vision, presented to UNESCO in November 2014.


What are your top three favorite dishes?

Vegetable Jardinere – just picked vegetables, native herbs and blossoms

Native Halibut – caramelized fennel, kohlrabi, chamomile, bouillon

Don Hopkins Lamb – glazed roulade, artichoke, spinach, leek, fenugreek